“BIGDATA & HADOOP Project Kit”

 “HADOOP HIVE Project Kit” 100 USD Only 59 USD.

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  • Depth Knowledge of HADOOP  (Upgraded by Industrial Experts)
  • Latest Applications
  • Live Programming Tutorials and Real-Time Problem Statements


1) Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop.                                                  2) Hadoop Internal Architecture
•What is Big Data?                                                                                           •Hadoop Daemons
•Use cases and Challenges associated with Big Data                           •Block Replication and Replication Factor
•Difference between Real time and Batch Processing                          •Rack Awareness in HDFS
•Hadoop definition and its characteristics                                                •Read and Write Operation in HDFS
•Hadoop core component in Hadoop 1.x and Hadoop 2.x                    •HDFS Architecture
•Hadoop echo system in Hadoop 1.x and Hadoop 2.x

3) Introduction to Hive and Advanced Hive                                               4) Project Discussion
•History of pig                                                                                                    • Problem Statements
•Definition and need of  pig                                                                            • Use Cases
•Pig vs. MapReduce                                                                                          •Data Sets
•Features and Application Pig                                                                        • Project Execution
•Use cases of Pig
•Pig Latin
•Pig Data types and Pig Operations

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